Terms & Conditions


1 "we", "us", "our" relates to xrayartdesign

2 "you", "yours", relates to you the person entering into a transaction with us, or anybody accessing this site.

3 You agree to these conditions governing your acces to the site and any transactions that might follow.

4 Any such transactions will be governed by English Law.

5 You may not reproduce, adapt, publicly exhibit, exploit, publish, resell or otherwise use any images shown on this site, or portrayed on material purchased from us.

6 You may not store or copy (particularly by electronic means) any images shown on our website.

7 Your sole right in relation to products purchased is to privately display the items for your own enjoyment, and that of your visitors to your home or place of work.

8 Although we strive to present an accurate portrayal of the finished article on our website, we cannot guarantee that the appearance of the finished product is exactly as displayed on your monitor. This is due to reasons beyond our direct control, which although resulting in a much higher quality image being delivered in the finished product, compared with the screen display, may be slightly different in terms of colour hues.

9 Any prints produced individually in response to special orders for non-standard goods not shown on our website, will be subject to payment at time of order. Our ambition to deliver such orders within ten days may not always be achieved.

10 We shall endeavour to deliver your order within five working days. If the particular product you have selected is shown to be temporarily out of stock, and you ask us to notify you when it is subsequently available, we shall seek to procure timely delivery.         Although we are dependent on an available window in the printing schedule, we will order straight away, and not ask for payment until we hold your chosen picture in the studio ready for sending to you.

11 It is possible that we might occasionally fail in our ambition to meet our stated delivery timescale.

If so, you are offered the option to cancel your order and ask for a refund if we have not effected delivery within thirty days of acknowledgement of your order.

12 It is possible that your order might be damaged in transit. If this should occur, you are invited to return it to us for refund or replacement, on the strict understanding that you note on the couriers delivery docket that the package was damaged upon receipt, and confirm the incident to us by email within 48 hours of the event. This condition places an obligation upon you to inspect the package before signing for it. Failure to inspect your package, may result in difficulty trying to recover your costs from the courier.

13 Our liability arising from your direct, indirect and/or consequential costs you may suffer will be strictly limited to refund of your transaction costs.

14 Should you change your mind about the suitability of your purchase, this would not give sufficient grounds to support a refund.

15 Orders supplied within the EU are not currently subject to VAT.

16 Prices quoted do not include for any taxes, levies and duties imposed on transactions by overseas government regulations of any country. Any such additional taxation will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Please contact us for further information

17 All orders supplied to UK mainland have postage and packing costs added to your shopping basket at the appropriate price. For any orders from outside UK there will be additional costs for overseas carriage. Framed pictures will not be sent outside UK.

18 It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check the suitability and security of the fixing arrangement to be used in fixing the artwork to the intended wall or surface. In particular it is reccommended that a competent tradesperson is used to secure the artwork in position. This is important to ensure that any penetration of the wall surface does not result in damage to pipes or electric cables.

19 None of the above conditions affect your statutory rights.