My name is Chris Thorn, and I would like to introduce you to my new and updated website.

Based at the Barrow Centre in the Grounds of Mount Edgcumbe Estate, I am a wildlife artist, and radiographer.

2018 will mark my 50th year since my first introduction to Radiography. Since 1968 I have been priveleged to study the internal structures of all manner of subjects, but these past twenty years have been devoted to the creatiion of images that convey the inner beauty of the natural world around us.

I also like to paint and sketch wildlife and invite you to view my paintings. I hope to engage with my subject and concentrate on the character that is at the core of the animal, rather than slavishly seeking to make the 'perfect picture'. 

Enough chat, please allow my pictures to speak for me. If you want to know more about my background there is a page 'about the artist', but it is pretty dull. I am sure the results of my work is more interesting than how they were created.

Thanks for looking in,